Semiconductor Test Probes

Semiconductor test probes are typically small, double-ended, and fine pitch. Most are used in compression mount device test sockets. A wide variety of platings are available to resist material migration onto the contact surfaces, and increase probe life.

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600354 HELIX® Test-Probe (S500*2440 Series)

S500*2440/400/30@200/S610s/S0a  This probe is the shortest in this family of fine pitch probes...

600794 HELIX® Test-Probe (S500*6600 Series)

S500*6600/1500/30@750/S3800r.Au/S0a.Au  This popular version has a rounded tip. ..

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SP interconnect technology eliminates the barrel and the plunger from a traditional “pogo” style ..

600793 HELIX® Test-Probe (S500*6600 Series)

S500*6600/1500/30@750/S3800s.Au/S0a.Au  This is the equivalent of our 600794 but has a sha..

KHW040-006CA for .4mm Pitch (25pc Packet)

Kita USA, .4mm Pitch Semiconductor Probe, Double-ended, O.A.L. 5.7mm ..

KW1-038H/BR-46 for .5 mm Pitch

Double Ended Probe OVERSTOCKED PROBE AT REDUCED PRICE Kita USA is offering price reductio..

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