Seller Central is an innovative e-commerce platform that allows you, the “Seller”, to advertise or sell your products to businesses and retail customers in an online niche marketplace which is managed and operated by industry veterans. achieves high search engine visibility, and offers the potential to open your business to many new Customers.


Our goal is to provide a platform for Sellers with contemporary tools that help you increase your revenue, build your brand, and expand your reach, while maintaining, or even establishing, your own identity.

Within the SPRINGCONTACTS.COM marketplace, as a Seller, you are able to engage customers, design your own storefront content and page(s), and set up your own products — all within an enterprise grade platform, without all the development expense and maintenance costs!. 

Your success, is our success!

Low Transaction Fees

It's easy to list your items, and a low transaction fee will only apply when you make a sale!

Efficient and Powerful Selling Tools

Our marketplace tools make it easy to manage, promote and grow your business.

Support and Education

We are veterans in the industry, and our Sellers include market leading brands.

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How to Boost Sales Leveraging an Online Marketplace

Manufacturers and Sellers in the current market must be agile and flexible.   You must know the what, when, where. and even why that you are selling in various channels.  The most common thought when considering diversifying online selling is:

I already have an online store.  Why sell on a marketplace?

Well, the reason is simple.  You may want, and expect, customers to come to your site, experience your brand, and become a valuable lifetime customer. 

You’ve made a significant investment in, and spent a lot of your time creating a wonderful website to offer your products, and create a high quality customer experience. 

However, the bottom line is traffic, and conversions.   If your items are not showing up where customers are searching and shopping for them, namely online marketplaces, then your company isn’t even in the running to win the business!

Markets and industries today are increasingly multi-channel.  Companies are being forced to increase their presence at a competitive cost.  Executives and sales managers that understand the need to be flexible enough to sell anywhere and sell more will be the most successful.

There are many marketing strategies that your business can pursue to increase your bottom line.  One of the most important is to leverage an effective online marketplace, that complements your existing sales channels.  Why?

  1. Utilizing the right marketplace can quickly connect you with both business and retail customers who are searching for products with and ready to buy.  There are numerous marketplace giants focused on retail, but few feature the appropriate structure to most effectively support the complex features and compliance needs of spring contacts and test probes.  

  2. Marketplaces by their very nature attract customers on a large scale, seeking a competitive and convenient shopping experience.  It is both easy, and cost effective, to get your products in front of ready buyers.  

  3. Another consideration is that certain buyers may prefer a more anonymous purchasing option.  If you are listed on a completmentary marketplace, the   advantage to you includes gaining new customers who may purchase from you again, and again, due to a rapid, and easy shopping, checkout, and fulfillment process.

Why not use the mainstream marketplace giants?

The downside of selling on consumer related marketplaces include:

  • Ambiguous marketplace fees (which can vary by category)

  • Lack of industry specific features, and sales tools.

  • Restrictions on promoting your brand, and an inability to capture information from customers that will allow you to market to them in the future.

  • A focus on consumers, vs. a technology business.

In conclusion, marketplaces are not ideal for all businesses, and not all marketplaces are ideal for our industry.

As you consider the use of a marketplace as an extension of your online store, you may not won’t want to offer all of your products for sale.  Consider these options:

  • Only offer products which enable you to compete with price

  • Offer only unique SKUs.   Non-unique items must compete on price or you won’t win the order.   Unique items may not need to compete so much on price, but you will want to keep your pricing in line with how similar items are priced.

  • Offer an alternative brand on a marketplace.

  • Offer your end-of-life, slow-moving, or obsolete inventory on a marketplace.

  • The options are only limited by your imagination!

Our goal is to efficiently and effectively help you sell more via a marketplace channel strategy.

Why are online marketplaces such powerful tools, and why do so many vendors decide to use them to sell their products?

A:  The main reason is that a focused and well developed trading platform is convenient for all the parties involved.

For Customers:

Customers get a wider choice of products, from more manufacturers and sellers, all condensed in the same place, which saves them a lot of browsing & purchasing time.   They can perform one single checkout for all the products they  need rather then having to make several transactions.

For Sellers:

Sellers get to offer and sell their products to ready buyers without having to make their own website, saving money on its creation, indexing etc...

Smaller volume Sellers also have the benefit of visibility along with more popular products from other Manufacturers to gain visibility for their own encourages direct communication with prospects and customers throughout the buying cycle, and provides supplementary sales and technical support.


Consider these points:

  • Quick Time to Market: all that is needed is to setup a profile and upload products.

  • Low Startup Cost: Our marketplace already has significant features in place, and a growing customer base.  As a Seller, your investment is limited to the time involved in registering on the marketplace and the commissions involved in sales of your product. Paying for separate web hosting, technology, advertising, design team, etc. is eliminated.

  • Market Viability: By selling on our marketplace one can very quickly get data of how customer will respond to their brand or products vs. the competition.

  • Pricing Strategy: Our marketplace provides an opportunity for you as a Seller to test prices as your products will be sold with products of different brands. The competition in our niche product marketplace is much lower than other larger marketplaces and offers a more focused visibility for Sellers. In general, Marketplaces provide Sellers a platform to advertise their brands and offerings across more  geographies and generate a wider demand.

  • Reduced Customer Acquisition Cost: To generate traffic on a website is the biggest challenge for any e-commerce venture.  Getting users to your website is not a simple task. It is a proven fact that online marketplaces attract more visitors than a smaller online merchant could ever possibly attract. When  you sell on a marketplace, you don’t need to worry about generating customer traffic as the marketplace provides a growing customer base, and provides an opportunity to directly engage with a ready base of consumers. Thus its a cost effective way of getting customers.

Be sure to read the details on our marketplace to more effectively sell products. Understand what you must do, and what you cannot do. Review the product listing requirements. Researchyour pricing and the price points you will need to target to achieve sales. Understand the inventory and shipping requirements, and review the tools that are available for order management and fulfillment.


And lastly, while our goal is to promote your growth and revenue, have realistic expectations. Expect to be successful in our marketplace over time.


Keep in mind that, the more unique your product,and the more competitive you are on price, delivery, and total cost of ownership the more likely you will be to achieve sales soon, and become recognized as a respected Seller.  

Start Selling Now!

1. Register to start listing products now!

            Click "Start Selling Right Now" on the Seller Central page.


2. Once you are registered and logged in, complete your Seller Profile under Marketplace Tools located on the right side of your account page.

        Post any policies you may have in your Seller Profile under the Profile Details tab in the Seller Policies box.

            Set Up Payment Information

            To receive payments by PayPal, you'll simply need to enter your PayPal ID in your Seller Profile under the Payment Details tab.

            To receive payments by Stripe, visit Stripe Payment under Marketplace Tools. Proceed to Connect with Stripe and create your account.

            Set up Shipping Methods

            Visit Manage Multi Shipping and select the shipping options you would like to offer to customers.

            Next, Visit Manage Shipping and enter a Flat Rate Shipping method if you wish to provide customers with that option. (Choose Custom Shipping in Multi-Shipping to enable this)

            Download a demo file to populate your shipping details. In the file, populate all zip codes in the countries you wish to provide shipping available to.

           Then, Upload the excel file into that tool and you know have a basic set up for shipping!


           Set up Taxes

           Visit and refer to the Tax Manager Guide for this portion.

3.  Add a product under Marketplace Tools - Add Product.

             Add Product Guide

            Add the part number or name for your item.  Use descriptive keywords in your product description to help buyers find your listing. 

            The more detailed attributes and options you add, the easier it will be for customers to find your product(s) in the search filter.

            To add multiple products, use Add Products (Bulk).

            If you are selling overstock of an already listed part, simply navigate to that product's page, and select "Click Here to List and Sell It!"


    We recommend to upload at least four photos of your item.

    You can then choose whether to use an Auction or set up unit pricing and/or quantity discounts.

    Review and publish your product listing.


That's it!

Start Selling Right Now

To fast track your store set up, set up a demo, or simply request assistance, please contact us to Learn More.

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DESCRIPTION = “Paricon Elastomer – Spring Contact Alternative” The kit contains two 1x1 inch pieces of Paricon Technologies PariPoser material which is a directionally conductive elastomeric fabric. The 110 micron thick fabric is for 0.4mm - 0.8mm pitch devices. The 220 micron thick fabric is for 0.8mm pitch or larger devices. PN = DEVKIT48  ..

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