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Probe / Contact Development Assistance

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At Gatewave Northern, our experience with test sockets and contact development is available for you to take advantage of.  Review of contact and socket designs are available in the realm of mechanical as well as electrical finite element analysis.  These as well as electro-thermal models are a good tool to assess potential troublespots and performance limiters..


GateWave Northern offers standardized tests for test sockets as well as contacts for interconnects and interposers. Testing is performed in both frequency and time domain. A full test spectrum is available that includes the following categories:


RF test:


  • S-parameters, time domain signals, simulation results
  • Inductance and mutual inductance
  • Capacitance and mutual capacitance
  • Resistance
  • Characteristic impedance 


DC test: 

  • Current carrying capacity 
  • Temperature rise 
  • Resistance as a function of displacement/force 
  • Power dissipation 
  • Leakage 



  • Extracted models for contacts and sockets are available using RLC models as well as transmission line model

  • Complex SPICE circuits and models as well as IBIS models available upon request 



  • HFSS simulation of contact array/ socket performance

  • Prediction of S-parameters for custom configurations

  • Optimization of your PCB / via design for a given contact/ socket arrangement

Performance parameters: 

The following are some of the performance parameters extracted during testing -Insertion loss

  • Return Loss
  • Crosstalk
  • Risetime
  • Bandwidth
  • Delay
  • VSWR 


    Full test reports including S2P and S4P data files are provided. Quick assessments with parameter subsets are available for development purposes or more focused testing requirements. 


    Mechanical cycling:


    Custom test fixtures are available that allow for mechanical cycling of contacts and sockets. Comparative measurements are performed during cycling. RF tests can be conducted at specified intervals to observe and record potential performance chances.


    Equivalent transmission line circuits will be provided where applicable 


    • S-parameters, time domain signals, simulation results 
    • Inductance and mutual inductance 
    • Capacitance and mutual capacitance 
    • Resistance 
    • Characteristic impedance 

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    Weight Converter

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    Wire Gauge Reference

    American Wire Gauge (AWG) Cable / Conductor Sizes and Properties

    AWG Diameter 
     [Ohms / 1000 ft] 
     [Ohms / km] 
     Max Current 
    Max Frequency
     for 100% skin depth 
     0000 (4/0) 0.4611.6841070.0490.16072302125 Hz
    000 (3/0)0.409610.40384850.06180.202704239160 Hz
    00 (2/0)0.36489.2659267.40.07790.255512190200 Hz
    0 (1/0)0.32498.2524653.50.09830.322424150250 Hz
    10.28937.3482242.40.12390.406392119325 Hz
    20.25766.5430433.60.15630.51266494410 Hz
    30.22945.8267626.70.1970.6461675500 Hz
    40.20435.1892221.20.24850.8150860650 Hz
    50.18194.6202616.80.31331.02762447810 Hz
    60.1624.114813.30.39511.295928371100 Hz
    70.14433.6652210.50.49821.634096301300 Hz
    80.12853.26398.370.62822.060496241650 Hz
    90.11442.905766.630.79212.598088192050 Hz
    100.10192.588265.260.99893.276392152600 Hz
    110.09072.303784.171.264.1328123200 Hz
    120.08082.052323.311.5885.208649.34150 Hz
    130.0721.82882.622.0036.569847.45300 Hz
    140.06411.628142.082.5258.2825.96700 Hz
    150.05711.450341.653.18410.443524.78250 Hz
    160.05081.290321.314.01613.172483.711 k Hz
    170.04531.150621.045.06416.609922.913 k Hz
    180.04031.023620.8236.38520.94282.317 kHz
    190.03590.911860.6538.05126.407281.821 kHz
    200.0320.81280.51810.1533.2921.527 kHz
    210.02850.72390.4112.841.9841.233 kHz
    220.02540.645160.32616.1452.93920.9242 kHz
    230.02260.574040.25820.3666.78080.72953 kHz
    240.02010.510540.20525.6784.19760.57768 kHz
    250.01790.454660.16232.37106.17360.45785 kHz
    260.01590.403860.12940.81133.85680.361107 kHz
    270.01420.360680.10251.47168.82160.288130 kHz
    280.01260.320040.08164.9212.8720.226170 kHz
    290.01130.287020.064281.83268.40240.182210 kHz
    300.010.2540.0509103.2338.4960.142270 kHz
    310.00890.226060.0404130.1426.7280.113340 kHz
    320.0080.20320.032164.1538.2480.091430 kHz
    330.00710.180340.0254206.9678.6320.072540 kHz
    340.00630.160020.0201260.9855.7520.056690 kHz
    350.00560.142240.0163291079.120.044870 kHz
    360.0050.1270.0127414.813600.0351100 kHz
    370.00450.11430.01523.117150.02891350 kHz
    380.0040.10160.00797659.621630.02281750 kHz
    390.00350.08890.00632831.827280.01752250 kHz
    400.00310.07874 0.00501 104934400.01372900 kHz


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