ABOUT ME:  Hello, I am Mike Curtis President of TCI.  I have been employed at TCI for over 10 years and started in the product design department.   I enjoy working with customers to help with their applications and provide effective solutions. 


ABOUT TCI:  At Test Connections, our business is designing and manufacturing the highest quality and most cost-effective products.  We also have years of successful experience and knowledge in the ATE business. 


Consider our capabilities:


  • TCI offers a complete selection of standard off-the-shelf loaded and bare board spring probes with a wide range of options in tip styles, plating and materials.
  • Custom and special designs optimized to your specific requirements. 
  • We utilize proper materials and quality construction in all of our products
  • TCI continually reviews processes to assure that we meet or exceed industry standards in performance, quality, and value. 
  • Our standard products are mechanically interchangeable with most existing equivalent spring probes.