General Test Probes

Our general test probe category offers are a wide selection of test probes for miscellaneous test, measurement, or interconnect applications.

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600354 HELIX® Test-Probe (S500*2440 Series)

S500*2440/400/30@200/S610s/S0a  This probe is the shortest in this family of fine pitch probes...

600794 HELIX® Test-Probe (S500*6600 Series)

S500*6600/1500/30@750/S3800r.Au/S0a.Au  This popular version has a rounded tip. ..

Series 70-A-1 Out Of Stock

Series 70-A-1

High Performance All Gold,Tip- XXX(1.52)Spring Type-0    Preload-1.2 oz.    @2/3..